blogwise is a SaaS tool designed for early stage startups to quickly build custom-domain hosted blogs with content marketing strategies. As co-founder of blogwise and Head of Design, I named the company, created its brand identity, and designed the user interface that enables customers to create their own beautiful blog in minutes. Below you can see: 1) the blogwise landing page and site, 2) the UI of the tool itself, and 3) the brand guidelines.

Working on blogwise was a new experience for me in designing SaaS tools. I built the UI on Figma and worked with full stack engineers to iterate on new product features.

blogwise was a window into the technical needs of startups and illuminated the specific pain points of content marketing. In addition to my usual branding role, this project called for a more granular approach to user interface design, which required thinking not only about customer use but also reader experience on our customer's blogs. As a designer who uses blog-makers frequently, it was fun to be on the other side of the equation, making the templates exactly as I'd want them.

See the blogwise website here. You can also read about the founding of the company here, on The Lightning Blog (which itself is a blogwise blog).

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