Here are a few websites I've designed or art directed. From full ecommerce platforms to landing pages, each serves a unique purpose for the client and their features were tailored to their needs.

‍Campus Insights, a Gen Z UX research firm, needed a professional site to legitimize its B2B sales. I directed our creative team in formalizing a visual identity for the company and conveying its competitive advantage in the most digestible way.
The Academies at Harvard was expanding exponentially, but parents needed a trustworthy site to make the final step in enrolling their child to a summer program at Harvard. In edition to establishing a referral marketing strategy, I oversaw the creation of the Academies' brand identity and site.

Harvard Student Agencies's previous site had very limited functionality, but we wanted a way to include an interactive timeline, highlight all of our student managers, and describe each of the business divisions. We built this site from scratch with all of those features and much more interactive UI.

The Harvard Shop, a multi-mullion dollar e-commerce and retail brand, had a 1% conversion rate due to poor visual design and faulty UI. Conversion rate doubled after our changes to the homepage, collection pages, and product filter. Additionally, to compete with other retailers of Harvard gear, our strategy was to create a lifestyle brand that felt more authentic to the student experience. To that end, we featured photos of real students on the homepage in settings on campus.
GroupGear, a competitor to Custom Ink, offers custom gear in bulk orders. To give customers a clearer understanding of the order process, we built this site with GroupGear's full product catalog. Because GroupGear is a high-touch customer service company, we directed users to a form that would directly email associates with their order information, who would email a quote back.

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