my name is annelise hillmann
I am the CMO of Harvard Student Agencies, co-founder of Studio 67, an aspiring playwright, a breakfast enthusiast, a BBC television fan, & an entrepreneur.
here's the story
here's the story
From the ground up
In 2017, I started an advertising agency called Studio 67 affiliated with Harvard Student Agencies. In the course of a year, our small team worked to build the iteration processes for branding, multimedia content creation, social media, and marketing consultation, which attracted exciting clients like Lyft Milk Bar, and &pizza.
freelancin' it
Before 67, I spent 5 years as a freelance graphic designer. Some clients of mine were Max Planck Neuroscience Institute of Florida and CANVAS, a graffiti art festival.

I'm a senior at Harvard University studying economics and psychology. I've always been fascinated by design, writing, and business and found that these interests collided in the ad world. Now, having gotten an ad agency off the ground, I can say with confidence that creative direction is the career for me.

Building brands is about giving companies a kind of humanity. I love sketching in the features of these new “people,” representing a corporate entity as a living breathing being with motivations, emotions, and aspirations. At the end of the day, a brand should be flesh and blood, real enough to touch.

67 gave me the rare opportunity to decide creative vision for companies that I had only dreamed of impacting. I learned not only how to communicate intangible ideas to clients but how to encourage designers to produce their best work.

This site is a taste of my work. I hope you enjoy it.

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